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"I came to Anna with injuries and strains that would make doing any type of exercise difficult. Anna was highly recommended in the racing community as a true therapist and "athlete's partner."

Anna used a technique I had never experienced called "moxa," which is a non-invasive therapy to break down a specific part of calf myofascia that had become repeatedly injured and scarred over years of training and injuries. This virtually eliminated the left calf problem. Anna used a deep tissue technique on both hips that removed a lot of the hamstring strain/tension.


The experience with Anna was one of "athletic partner." Someone who listened, was creative in bringing suggestions and solutions, appeared to truly care about the improvement and the feedback loop of information on what was working and not. I have finally found someone who has convinced me that hating my body as it began to let me down more and more wasn't an inevitability. With care, creativity, and deep domain expertise and knowledge, I have new optimism I might still be able to achieve new goals!"

- CW, Hopkinton


No one understands the muscular system, injury prevention and rehabilitation like Anna.

I have been seeing Anna at Body n Beyond for over 10 years. I am a runner and triathlete and have seen several orthopedic doctors, physical therapists and a few other massage therapists over my 20+ years of training and racing. No one understands the muscular system, injury prevention and rehabilitation like Anna. She has gotten me back on the road after every injury I've suffered and I don't train for a big event anymore without incorporating visits to Anna into my training plan. She has often worked me into her busy schedule in the early mornings or evenings to make sure I get the treatment I need at the right times in my training. She truly understands athletes and their bodies like no other professional I have seen. 
this yours. 

- Jim S., Hopkinton

 I fully and wholeheartedly trust Anna.

Look no further if you are seeking the best in Massage therapy. Anna is simply the best one could ever hope for in her ability to diagnose and treat a problem. My story is one of a long period of 4 years of suffering, numerous trips to the doctor (at least 10..Boston and Worcester), chiropractors, Months of Physical therapy, Advil by the bushels multiple injections into my back. It was not pleasant. I pointed out my pain to Anna and immediately she felt she knew what the problem was. She advised me to get an x-ray of my hip and sure enough, I needed a replacement. I had experienced Lyme disease a number of years back and I believe everyone else lost focus of what I was saying when I pinpointed the area of pain in my buttocks. I really believe if I had met Anna four years ago, I would have had four good years and not the painful four years I experienced. 
Most importantly when you are in pain you want to trust the people helping you. I fully and wholeheartedly trust Anna



- Tim and Mary Foley, Westborough

Anna Gammal is a gifted therapist. 


My 6-year-old daughter, Carolyn, has been receiving a therapeutic massage from Anna Gammal for the last few months. Carolyn suffered a stroke resulting in right hemiparesis (weakness). She wears a brace on her right leg to assist her in walking and she experiences tremendous muscle tightness and muscle asymmetry.


Since being treated by Anna, Carolyn has made many gains both physically as well as emotionally. After her first massage, Carolyn’s gait became more typical, her sleep improved, and she was able to move freely without the brace. More importantly, Carolyn has become more confident and looks forward to gym class every week. She recently participated in the Nutcracker ballet.


Anna Gammal is a gifted therapist. She has the ability to listen to one’s body and she knows instinctively what that person needs. Anna gives her whole heart and soul during her sessions, allowing one to feel truly safe and cared for. I highly recommend Anna Gammal to anyone suffering from any type of pain – physical, emotional, or spiritual. In the words of Carolyn, “I love going to see Anna because she makes my body feel like a happy rollercoaster and I can walk better.” Her work is priceless.


- Anne Clifford Bradley














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