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Body n' Beyond offers several retreats focusing on health, education, relaxation, and adventure. Our destinations include breathtaking natural beauty that will deeply inspire you! 


If you have questions, please call us at (508) 435 5656.



Retreats, Classes

& Workshops 


Education Vacation 2024!

Learn & Relax in Beautiful Greece

June 6th - June 16th, 2024

Join us for an Education Vacation 2024 in beautiful Greece! Anna Gammal and Roger Olbrot have successfully taught high level, hands-on massage techniques courses all while offering planned exciting activities that have participants experience the authentic culture of Greece while truly showcasing the island of Poros, Greece, also known as the Diamond of the Aegean Sea!!


Education Vacation is  learning while enjoying activities, lodging and meals that are included in the experience. While in Poros, you have the opportunity to learn, unwind and recharge while having the opportunity to make your trip tax deductible! This event is open to everyone; feel free to bring a friend or a non-therapist companion.


We're offering a comprehensive  Lymphatic Drainage Training & Lymphatic Kinesio Taping Course:  This Lymphatic Drainage course including Lymphatic Kineseo Taping, combining online theory and practical sessions.  Mark your calendars for June 6-16, 2024, and get ready for an educational and memorable experience in Greece. 


Lymphatic Drainage Training & Lymphatic Kinesio Taping Course: 

· Participants must complete a 4-hour online module, focusing on lymphatic system theory,  before arriving in Greece. 

· The practical sessions will cover various aspects of the body, providing a fundamental understanding of the lymphatic system, its physiology, and manual drainage techniques. 

·You'll learn effective hand strokes and protocols for a full lymphatic drainage session.

· Enhancing this course, we're excited to collaborate with Kostas Diamantopoulos, a leading Kinesio Tape Education expert and veteran of the 2004 Olympic/Paralympic games. He will lead a day-long session on Kinesio taping for lymphatic drainage. 

· The course includes 30 hours of Lymphatic Drainage and 8 hours of Kinesio taping training. A total of 38 CEUs!


In addition to your training, you will enjoy your stay in Athens, including Syntagma Square and the new Acropolis Museum.  While in Poros, you will enjoy your stay at Apartments "Vasilis Mourtzoukos" which are located 2 km away from the center of Poros and 20 meters from the beach of Neorio, in this beautiful, full of green and blue enchanted environment.


Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn and explore the beauty of Greece!

If you are interested, learn more and register here!

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Relax & Have Fun in the White Mountains!

November 1st - 3rd, 2024

Join Anna Gammal for an exclusive Women's Only Weekend retreat in the picturesque Bartlett, New Hampshire! Experience the beauty of the White Mountains, unwind, and rejuvenate at the Bartlett Village House. Immerse yourself in the welcoming ambiance of a grand covered porch and a sunroom for yoga and meditation. Indulge in a custom large kitchen, cozy dining and living spaces ideal for group activities. Retreat to charming guest rooms with tasteful decor and comfortable bedding. Enjoy short walks/hikes on nearby trails, soaking in the majestic views, and evenings by the bonfire.


Embark this transformative journey at our unique retreat, where we delve into the mysteries of the Second Chakra, Svadhisthana!  The theme of this year’s WOW weekend is Shades of Orange! Discovering Your Sacral Chakra!  This retreat is designed to harmonize and awaken your center of creativity, passion, and pleasure. Nestled in a serene environment, our retreat offers a blend of guided meditations, yoga sessions, easy hikes & walks and creative workshops tailored to align and invigorate your Svadhisthana chakra. Here, you will connect with other women while unlocking the doors to a life that truly resonates with your innermost desires and aspirations. 


Embrace this opportunity to rediscover joy, enhance emotional connections and unleash your creative spirit in a setting that nurtures both body and soul. Join us for an unforgettable experience that promises not just relaxation, but a profound journey towards self-discovery and fulfillment. 

Please join us! 

If you are interested, learn more and register here!

Body n’ Beyond Cancellation Policy for Retreats


For One Day Events:  Notification of cancellation is needed 10 days prior to the event for full refund. Cancellation 7-10  days prior to the event will receive a 50% refund. Cancellation 0-7 days prior to the event will not receive a refund. 

For Extended Travel Events (Trips requiring overnight stay): All reservations that are canceled will not receive a return of their non-refundable deposit.  Cancellation prior to 60 days will receive a full refund minus their non refundable deposit. Cancellation, 30-60 days prior to the event will receive 50% refund minus the non refundable deposit, Cancellation 30-0 days no refunds.

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