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Body n' Beyond offers several retreats focusing on health, education, relaxation, and adventure. Our destinations include breathtaking natural beauty that will deeply inspire you! 


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Retreats, Classes

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One Day Instinctive Meditation Retreat

"Trust Your Intuition"

Unity Farm Sanctuary

17 Unity Lane, Sherborn, MA, 01770


Sunday, October 16, 2022

9am - 4pm

Please join Certified Meditation Teacher, Anna Gammal., for a day retreat created for women to learn Easy, Fun and Natural Meditation Techniques. The Retreat will take place at the beautiful Unity Farm Sanctuary in  Sherborn, MA. We have planned a wonderful day with the theme, "Trust Your Intuition". Having each participant gain a greater clarity, compassion, and acceptance for themselves and decompress from any anxieties that they may be carrying with them. 


Our goal for this special retreat  is to have you Build Your Stress Relief Toolbox and is to understand and enjoy the benefits of meditation while taking time to relax, breathe and regroup. This retreat to not only de-stress but to understand and accept the contents of our minds and hearts. Spending time in meditation can restore your calm and inner peace and increase your self-awareness and the power to transform your relationship with yourself, others, and the world around you. We are attending to our YES and aligning with our own internal power!


Please come on your own or with a friend! You will meet a variety of fantastic women, as well as have time for yourself to reflect and recharge!  We hope you will join us!

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In the White Mountains on New Hampshire

November 4th -6th , 2022

Please join Anna Gammal for a weekend designed especially for women to take a break and relax in the Beautiful White Mountains of Bartlett, NH.  We will be staying at the Bartlett Village Inn.

We have planned a weekend for women with the theme, Positive Vibrations...Words Matter! What we say and what we think have vibrations and they vibrate at a particular frequency. When we are tuned in to good, positive vibrations, our bodies heal, our hearts open, and our minds shift toward the light.  Join us in the journey to positive vibrations!

Through discussion, guided meditation, yoga,  visualization, focused breathing and guided trail walks, Anna will direct you on how to empower yourself and bring your  vibration to a high level  through your self talk that can apply any situation in your life. The goal will be for each woman to take a break and take the time to navigate her life in a positive, healthy way and to encompass her bravery and embrace her inner peace!

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9 Nights in Greece (Poros & Athens)

May 17th- May 26th, 2023


You are invited to Learn, Relax and Explore!  Please join Anna Gammal and Roger Olbrot for an Education Vacation on the beautiful island of Poros, Greece! While earning your CEU's, you will enjoy the magical island of Poros for an adventure in learning and exploring.  


The journey begins in Athens, Greece and the following afternoon, we leave for the island of Poros.  While in Poros, you have the opportunity to learn, unwind and recharge. Anna and Roger have successfully taught high level, hands-on massage techniques in their Advance Myofascial Massage Course. They have also planned exciting activities that have participants experience the authentic culture of Greece while truly showcasing the island of Poros, also known as the Diamond of the Aegean Sea!!

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