Back Massage


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Swedish Massage


Body n' Beyond offers each client a customized massage based on their specific needs. Our Massage therapist reviews the client's health history form and has a pre-massage consultation and assessment in order to create a specific treatment plan that will bring back functional movement, pain relief, relaxation and well-being.

Our highly trained Massage Therapists give each client a personalized massage by utilizing techniques including: 

  • Deep Tissue 

  • Myofascial 

  • Sports Massage

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Muscle Release Technique

  • Swedish Relaxation Massage 

  • Scar Tissue Release

  • Pre and Post Surgery Treatment


SoulSoma Experience
SoulSoma is the art of unlocking the most vibrant mind, body, and spirit!

SoulSoma was created to help activate your body's natural recharge button to trigger your rest, relax and repair response.  The customizable SoulSoma experience helps all of our clients reach a higher level of wholeness and serenity. 

What is the SoulSoma Process? Anna offers a combination of massage, meditation, intuitive healing and personal coaching. It pulls from the process of tapping and fusing the many different parts and modalities that Anna specializes in to help and treat each client unique situation so they can move forward in a profound way.  Anna's mission is to help you move beyond the limitations and the pain that you are holding on to and help you understand, experience and embrace your life in a way that previously seemed impossible. 


The body is brilliant! We have a built in system to help us get back to calm even after triggering events. (We have many of them these days.)

Begin to reclaim your self control, confidence and calm!

“The SoulSoma experience makes my heart sing because I get to do what I truly love and help people, just like you!” 



Pre-natal massage has risen to prominence over the last decade, along with society's increasing awareness of personal health and wellness. Today it's considered an integral part of an intelligent approach to pregnancy.


Just like regular massage, it's a therapeutic workout that loosens the muscles and joints, improves circulation, relieves fatigue and, in aiding the body, also benefits the mind and spirit. The difference is that prenatal massage is performed by a trained specialist and targeted to the unique needs of mothers-to-be.


  • Reduces stress and promotes relaxation, alleviates neck, back, and joint pain caused by posture, muscle weakness, tension, extra weight, or imbalance

  • Decreases muscle, back, and hip pain

  • Combats tension, fatigue, and headaches

  • Soothe nerves to help with sleep problems and possibly reduce blood pressure through relaxation and stress reduction


Post Partum Massage may help 

in these ways:


  • Re-establishes pelvis structural integrity

  • Supports healthy lactation

  • Reduces stress hormones

  • Facilitates the healing of bladder disorders, post-episiotomy soreness, and Cesarean Section

  • Relieves neck/shoulder/back pain

  • Supports a healthy emotional state

  • Aids in maternal bonding

Head Massage


Brain Therapy is a unique integration of craniosacral therapy along with TMJ-dental and fascial therapies for normal inherent motion and improved health. Normal motion of the brain may become restricted at birth and worsen with the many traumas of everyday life.

Brain Therapy assists the correcting the following conditions:

For Infants

  • Inability to latch on                        

  • Difficulty in sucking

  • Difficulty in swallowing

  • Reflux

  • Colic

  • Constipation and gas

  • Napping

  • Strabismus

  • Stridor

  • Pyloric Stenosis

  • Club foot


For Children & Adults:

  • Asthma

  • Earache

  • Concussion

  • Anxiety

  • ADHD

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Sinus Conditions

  • Allergies

  • Bed Wetting

Cosmetic Oils


Premium Blend Oils to support your treatment! Leave rejuvenated and cared for! 


You can add this special technique to your next 60 or 90 minute massage for only $15.


Our trained therapists apply specially blended essential oils that are a vital part of the AromaTouch Technique. Each client will receive the custom essential oil blend based on their specific needs. 

Treetop from Below



Are you affected by stress or anxiety? Do you sometimes have trouble sleeping, or do you suffer from a lack of self-esteem, confidence, or motivation? Perhaps you’d like to accomplish or change something in your life. Maybe you want to lose weight or quit smoking. Perhaps you want to become a better public speaker or overcome a fear of heights?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is highly likely that hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to relax the everyday or conscious mind so that we may access the unconscious mind. This enables the therapist and the client to find the source of issues the client is not consciously aware of. 

Neurosomatic Healing 

Free your mind and body from chronic pain due to physical or emotional trauma. Neurosomatic healing incorporates different techniques to enhance the mind-body connection. We work to empower the individual to achieve a higher understanding of themselves and to bring wholeness to the body and mind. Our techniques include Hypnotherapy, Parts Therapy, Quantum Touch, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, and massage. Neurosomatic Healing will help you unlock your authentic self and your full inner potential.

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30 Minute Massage                         $75  

60 Minute Massage                         $150

90 Minute SoulSoma Experience  $200          

60 Minute Massage              $95





30 Minute Massage             $55


90 Minute Massage              $125