Greek Villa

Experience Greece 2020  

10 Days in Poros, Greece
Trip to be rescheduled for the Future


You are invited to relax, learn, and explore!  Please join Anna Gammal and Roger Olbrot on the beautiful island of Poros, Greece!  


The journey begins with a get together in Athens, Greece on the first evening.  The following morning, we leave for the island of Poros. 


For 10 days, you have the opportunity to unwind and take it easy. Each person can immerse themselves into the culture and the beauty of the small island Poros. Anna and Roger have planned daily activities that will truly showcase the island of Poros, also known as the Diamond of the Aegean Sea! It will truly be a great adventure!

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Additionally, if you are a massage therapist + are interested...


 Anna and Roger will be teaching Advanced Massage techniques. These are highly effective and will enhance your current practice. This optional training will include techniques that can help reduce pain, increase range of motion, and help relieve postural asymmetries and increase functionality in the body.  If you are interested, you can even write off the trip & count the training as credits!

If you'd also like, you even have the opportunity to participate in an amazing Triathlon - POROSEA!


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You can do the entire Triathlon or pick and individual event.


The Triathlon is included in the price of this Retreat. 

Regardless of what you choose to do, you can enjoy your stay at Apartments "Vasilis Mourtzoukos", which are located 2 km away from the center of Poros and 20 meters from the beach of Neorio, in a beautiful, full of green environment on the beautiful island of Poros!


For more information on the Vasilis Mourtzoukos Apartments, visit: 



30 Minutes Massage             $45

90 Minutes Massage             $115


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