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Personal Wellness Coaching

Through Personal Wellness Coaching Anna dives into the soul to identify emotions and feelings or just explore one's own self.



As a Personal Wellness Coach,  Anna offers sessions remotely and in person. and is able to facilitate a relaxing, safe environment using her empathic, calm, compassionate, non-judgemental approach to help individuals connect to themselves by looking at their own personality and actions and then bringing them to an emotional state that they desire. Personal Wellness Coaching  helps with anxiety, fear, feelings of being stuck, depression and promotes self-discovery, communication and overall well being. It's the connection of all parts;  physically, emotionally and spiritually. Anna truly feels that this is the role and the purpose she was meant to do! 


Who can attend: 

Adults and teens (13+)

Individuals or Groups are welcome

To sign up, individuals can book through clinic sense and if you want to book a group, you can call 508-735-8898 and will be done through Zoom.

Group pricing will be determined based upon the size of the group and length of time needed 


Time:     60 Min


Cost:      $80                         


Location:  Body n’ Beyond

                  63 South Street, Suite 140

                  Hopkinton, MA 01748

                  or remotely via Zoom 

Instructor: Anna Gammal​


Personal Wellness Coaching

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