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Whether you are "couch to 5k" or "5k to more", we are interested in starting a running club. We will be training for events including the Live for Evan 5k in September and Ashland Half Marathon in October.

The club's focus will be on health, wellness, and reaching your fitness goals. Body n Beyond will be providing a welcoming social atmosphere, group runs, training tips to improve your running performance, and much more.
Running Tips
11 Greatest Running Tips And Tricks

Running Tip #1: Safety first.
Make sure to check with your doctor if you have any medical conditions that might prevent you from running safely.

Running Tip #2: Get some quality running shoes.
Nothing is worse than shin splints. Shin splints tend to happen when you do not have proper running shoes. You will probably already be sore starting a new exercise, but you do not want to add insult to injury by lacing up with the wrong footwear.

Running Tip #3: Start slow.
There is no need to try to run 10 miles on your first run. Try the five on, five off method. Run for five minutes and walk for five minutes, for a total of 30 minutes. After a couple of weeks, you can slowly increase the running time and decrease the walking time.

Running Tip #4: Know that it is okay to walk.
It drives me nuts when new runners have a goal of “running x miles without stopping.” What they mean is, they don’t want to “stop” and walk during their run. The thing is, it is completely okay to walk. During the half-marathon I ran in May, I walked all of the water stations and I was glad I did. Walking during your running allows your body to take a small break and build up energy for your muscles to use while running. This method helps to prevent injuries that can easily occur while running long distances.

Running Tip #5: Sign up for a race.
There is nothing more motivating than a race. When you know that you have already spent the money and will have to be able to physically run x number of miles on that day, it is easier to get out the door and complete your training.

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Live 4 Evan
We had a fantastic time at the Live 4 Evan Event! A great day for a great cause! Come join us next time!